Our ability to help solve clients’ most ‘complex’ community scheme issues is distinct. We deliver specialised practical advice to help our clients navigate the various aspects of community living.

As community schemes specialists, we have developed our range of services to cater for all of the legal needs of anyone involved in sectional title schemes, home owners’ associations and other forms of community schemes.

The Community Schemes Ombud Services Act defines a community scheme as “any scheme or arrangement in terms of which there is shared use of and responsibility for parts of land and buildings, including but not limited to a sectional titles development scheme, a share block company, a home or property owner’s association, however constituted, established to administer a property development, a housing scheme for retired persons, and a housing co-operative as contemplated in the South African Co-operatives Act, 2005.”  


1. Private Consultations

We offer on-site, virtual or a face to face consultations to discuss your legal matter.

2. Written Legal Advice

We offer specialised legal opinions and legal letters.

3. Drafting and Reviewing of Scheme Rules and Regulations

We have years of experience in drafting and reviewing a wide variety of scheme governance documentation including constitutions, estate rules and management and conduct rules. 

4. Legal Representation at the Community Schemes Ombud

We offer assistance in preparing and responding to CSOS applications and we provide legal representation to our clients at CSOS adjudications. 

5. Debt Collection via the Community Schemes Ombud

If you have ever been involved in the process of collecting unpaid levies via the civil courts, you will know that this can be a very lengthy and often quite costly process, involving attorneys, the sheriff, various prescribed waiting periods and countless postponements.  We believe that the best way for community schemes to effectively maximise levy debt recoveries is to use the levy collection process allowed in terms of the Community Schemes Ombud Services Act.

6. Chairing or Attending General Meetings and Trustee Meetings

Chairing a general meeting can be a daunting task, especially when there are contentious items on the agenda.  It often helps to have an experienced and knowledgeable chairperson to lead the meeting in an orderly fashion. We are able to assist our clients by either chairing their meetings or attending a meeting on their behalf. 

7. Appointment as a Professional Trustee

Consider appointing us as a professional trustee should you require a knowledgeable and objective voice in your board meetings. 

8. Providing Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

We are able to chair or act as a representative at internal disciplinary hearings.  We also offer private mediation and arbitration services.

9. Advising on Labour Law Issues within Community Schemes

We have years of labour law experience and offer assistance to trustees and directors in drafting employment agreements and chairing disciplinary hearings and retrenchment consultations.